RF Electrodes EMT Series


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.

  • EMT series electrode is used to ablate soft tissues under ultrasound guidance.
  • There is a built-in temperature sensor inside the electrode.
  • Impedance and temperature can be monitored in real time via the generator connected to the electrode.
  • Various exposure tip lengths are available for various lesion sizes.
  • The exposure tip is processed to look more echogenic under ultrasound.
  • The edge between the exposure tip and the insulated part of the electrode is evenly smoothed out for easier insertion and repositioning of the electrode.
  • There are length marks in centimeters on the body of the electrode, which makes it easier for the operator to identify how deep the electrode is inserted.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3231


Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
EMT 2310 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 10㎜
EMT 2315 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 15㎜
EMT 2320 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 20㎜
EMT 2330 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 30㎜
EMR 2320 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 20㎜
EMR 2330 Ø3.0㎜ 230㎜ 30㎜
EMT 2305Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 5㎜
EMT 2310Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 10㎜
EMT 2315Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 15㎜
EMT 2320Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 20㎜
EMT 2325Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 25㎜
EMT 2330Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 30㎜
EMT 2335Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 35㎜
EMT 2340Q Ø5.0㎜ 230㎜ 40㎜