RF Electrodes BMT Series


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.
BMT & BMDT (Bone Metastasis Tip) series electrodes are designed for radiofrequency ablation procedures.

  • No internal cooling system applied – it is to cauterize by measuring the temperature of the lesion and the surrounding tissue temperature in real time through the dual temperature sensors on the needle.
  • There are two temperature sensors on the surface of the electrode: One is fixed, and the other is movable. Fixed temperature sensor can monitor the temperature of lesion tissue while movable temperature sensor can monitor the temperature change of neighboring structure in real time.
  • The angled handle makes RFA procedure to be possible under CT guidance by preventing the handle to collide with CT gantry.
  • Various electrode lengths make different approaches of RFA procedures to be possible.
  • Various exposure tip lengths are available for various lesion sizes.
  • The exposure tip is processed to look more echogenic under ultrasound.
  • The edge between the exposure tip and the insulated part of the electrode is evenly smoothed out for easier insertion and repositioning of the electrode.
  • There are length marks in centimeters on the body of the electrode, which makes it easier for the operator to identify how deep the electrode is inserted.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3229


BMT (One Temperature Sensor Type)

Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
BMT 1310B Ø1.5㎜ 130㎜ 10㎜
BMT 1315B Ø1.5㎜ 135㎜ 15㎜
BMT 1420B Ø1.5㎜ 140㎜ 20㎜
BMT 1425B Ø1.5㎜ 145㎜ 25㎜
BMT 1530B Ø1.5㎜ 150㎜ 30㎜
BMT 1610B Ø1.5㎜ 165㎜ 10㎜
BMT 1715B Ø1.5㎜ 170㎜ 15㎜
BMT 1720B Ø1.5㎜ 175㎜ 20㎜
BMT 1825B Ø1.5㎜ 180㎜ 25㎜
BMT 1830B Ø1.5㎜ 185㎜ 30㎜

BMDT (Two Temperature Sensors Type)

Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
BMDT 1310B Ø1.5㎜ 130㎜ 10㎜
BMDT 1315B Ø1.5㎜ 135㎜ 15㎜
BMDT 1420B Ø1.5㎜ 140㎜ 20㎜
BMDT 1425B Ø1.5㎜ 145㎜ 25㎜
BMDT 1530B Ø1.5㎜ 150㎜ 30㎜
BMDT 1610B Ø1.5㎜ 165㎜ 10㎜
BMDT 1715B Ø1.5㎜ 170㎜ 15㎜
BMDT 1720B Ø1.5㎜ 175㎜ 20㎜
BMDT 1825B Ø1.5㎜ 180㎜ 25㎜
BMDT 1830B Ø1.5㎜ 185㎜ 30㎜