Accessories Tumescentor


Anesthesia conduction catheter

  • The Tumescentor™ can be used during endovenous thermal ablation procedure, when performing tumescent anesthesia to protect the tissue surrounding the veins and control pain.
  • With the RFP-300 infiltration pump, the Tumescentor™ allows for simple and time-efficient performance of tumescent anesthesia.
  • Tumescent anesthesia is administered simply by pressing on the foot switch that is connected with the inflation pump. The flow rate (or the injection speed) can be precisely adjusted with the knob on the Tumescentor™ handle.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3226


TI-2B Type

Product Code Needle size
TI-2B4P-1738 17GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-1738 17GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-1738 17GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-1825 18GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-1825 18GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-1825 18GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-1838 18GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-1838 18GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-1838 18GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-1925 19GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-1925 19GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-1925 19GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-1938 19GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-1938 19GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-1938 19GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-2025 20GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-2025 20GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-2025 20GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-2038 20GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-2038 20GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-2038 20GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-2125 21GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-2125 21GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-2125 21GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-2132 21GX32㎜
TI-2B5P-2132 21GX32㎜
TI-2B6P-2132 21GX32㎜
TI-2B4P-2138 21GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-2138 21GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-2138 21GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-2232 22GX32㎜
TI-2B5P-2232 22GX32㎜
TI-2B6P-2232 22GX32㎜
TI-2B4P-2319 23GX19㎜
TI-2B5P-2319 23GX19㎜
TI-2B6P-2319 23GX19㎜
TI-2B4P-2325 23GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-2325 23GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-2325 23GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-2360 23GX60㎜
TI-2B5P-2360 23GX60㎜
TI-2B6P-2360 23GX60㎜
TI-2B4P-2419 24GX19㎜
TI-2B5P-2419 24GX19㎜
TI-2B6P-2419 24GX19㎜
TI-2B4P-2460 24GX60㎜
TI-2B5P-2460 24GX60㎜
TI-2B6P-2460 24GX60㎜
TI-2B4P-2516 25GX16㎜
TI-2B5P-2516 25GX16㎜
TI-2B6P-2516 25GX16㎜
TI-2B4P-2525 25GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-2525 25GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-2525 25GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-2538 25GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-2538 25GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-2538 25GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-2550 25GX50㎜
TI-2B5P-2550 25GX50㎜
TI-2B6P-2550 25GX50㎜
TI-2B4P-2613 26GX13㎜
TI-2B5P-2613 26GX13㎜
TI-2B6P-2613 26GX13㎜
TI-2B4P-2625 26GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-2625 26GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-2625 26GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-2638 26GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-2638 26GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-2638 26GX38㎜
TI-2B4P-2650 26GX50㎜
TI-2B5P-2650 26GX50㎜
TI-2B6P-2650 26GX50㎜
TI-2B4P-2660 26GX60㎜
TI-2B5P-2660 26GX60㎜
TI-2B6P-2660 26GX60㎜
TI-2B4P-2690 26GX90㎜
TI-2B5P-2690 26GX90㎜
TI-2B6P-2690 26GX90㎜
TI-2B4P-2690H 26GX90㎜
TI-2B5P-2690H 26GX90㎜
TI-2B6P-2690H 26GX90㎜
TI-2B4P-2713 27GX13㎜
TI-2B5P-2713 27GX13㎜
TI-2B6P-2713 27GX13㎜
TI-2B4P-2760 27GX60㎜
TI-2B5P-2760 27GX60㎜
TI-2B6P-2760 27GX60㎜
TI-2B4P-27140 27GX140㎜
TI-2B5P-27140 27GX140㎜
TI-2B6P-27140 27GX140㎜
TI-2B4P-3013 30GX13㎜
TI-2B5P-3013 30GX13㎜
TI-2B6P-3013 30GX13㎜
TI-2B4P-3025 30GX25㎜
TI-2B5P-3025 30GX25㎜
TI-2B6P-3025 30GX25㎜
TI-2B4P-3038 30GX38㎜
TI-2B5P-3038 30GX38㎜
TI-2B6P-3038 30GX38㎜

TI-1B4S Type

Product Code Needle size
TI-1B4S-1738 17GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-1825 18GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-1838 18GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-1925 19GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-1938 19GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-2025 20GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-2038 20GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-2125 21GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-2132 21GX32㎜
TI-1B4S-2138 21GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-2180 21GX80㎜
TI-1B4S-2190 21GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2232 22GX32㎜
TI-1B4S-2280 22GX80㎜
TI-1B4S-2290 22GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2319 23GX19㎜
TI-1B4S-2325 23GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-2360 23GX60㎜
TI-1B4S-2380 23GX80㎜
TI-1B4S-2390 23GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2419 24GX19㎜
TI-1B4S-2460 24GX60㎜
TI-1B4S-2480 24GX80㎜
TI-1B4S-2490 24GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2516 25GX16㎜
TI-1B4S-2525 25GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-2538 25GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-2550 25GX50㎜
TI-1B4S-2613 26GX13㎜
TI-1B4S-2625 26GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-2638 26GX38㎜
TI-1B4S-2650 26GX50㎜
TI-1B4S-2660 26GX60㎜
TI-1B4S-2690 26GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2690H 26GX90㎜
TI-1B4S-2713 27GX13㎜
TI-1B4S-2760 27GX60㎜
TI-1B4S-27140 27GX140㎜
TI-1B4S-3013 30GX13㎜
TI-1B4S-3025 30GX25㎜
TI-1B4S-3038 30GX38㎜

TI-1B4P Type

Product Code Needle size
TI-1B4P-1738 17GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-1825 18GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-1838 18GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-1925 19GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-1938 19GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-2025 20GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-2038 20GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-2125 21GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-2132 21GX32㎜
TI-1B4P-2138 21GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-2180 21GX80㎜
TI-1B4P-2190 21GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2232 22GX32㎜
TI-1B4P-2280 22GX80㎜
TI-1B4P-2290 22GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2319 23GX19㎜
TI-1B4P-2325 23GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-2360 23GX60㎜
TI-1B4P-2380 23GX80㎜
TI-1B4P-2390 23GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2419 24GX19㎜
TI-1B4P-2460 24GX60㎜
TI-1B4P-2480 24GX80㎜
TI-1B4P-2490 24GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2516 25GX16㎜
TI-1B4P-2525 25GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-2538 25GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-2550 25GX50㎜
TI-1B4P-2613 26GX13㎜
TI-1B4P-2625 26GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-2638 26GX38㎜
TI-1B4P-2650 26GX50㎜
TI-1B4P-2660 26GX60㎜
TI-1B4P-2690 26GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2690H 26GX90㎜
TI-1B4P-2713 27GX13㎜
TI-1B4P-2760 27GX60㎜
TI-1B4P-27140 27GX140㎜
TI-1B4P-3013 30GX13㎜
TI-1B4P-3025 30GX25㎜
TI-1B4P-3038 30GX38㎜

TI-1B4A Type

Product Code Needle size
TI-1B4A-1738 17GX38mm
TI-1B4A-1825 18GX25mm
TI-1B4A-1838 18GX38mm
TI-1B4A-1925 19GX25mm
TI-1B4A-1938 19GX38mm
TI-1B4A-2025 20GX25mm
TI-1B4A-2038 20GX38mm
TI-1B4A-2125 21GX25mm
TI-1B4A-2132 21GX32mm
TI-1B4A-2138 21GX38mm
TI-1B4A-2180 21GX80mm
TI-1B4A-2190 21GX90mm
TI-1B4A-2232 22GX32mm
TI-1B4A-2280 22GX80mm
TI-1B4A-2290 22GX90mm
TI-1B4A-2319 23GX19mm
TI-1B4A-2325 23GX25mm
TI-1B4A-2360 23GX60mm
TI-1B4A-2380 23GX80mm
TI-1B4A-2390 23GX90mm
TI-1B4A-2419 24GX19mm
TI-1B4A-2460 24GX60mm
TI-1B4A-2480 24GX80mm
TI-1B4A-2490 24GX90mm
TI-1B4A-2516 25GX16mm
TI-1B4A-2525 25GX25mm
TI-1B4A-2538 25GX38mm
TI-1B4A-2550 25GX50mm
TI-1B4A-2613 26GX13mm
TI-1B4A-2625 26GX25mm
TI-1B4A-2638 26GX38mm
TI-1B4A-2650 26GX50mm
TI-1B4A-2660 26GX60mm
TI-1B4A-2690 26GX90mm
TI-1B4A-2713 27GX13mm
TI-1B4A-2760 27GX60mm
TI-1B4A-27140 27GX140mm
TI-1B4A-3013 30GX13mm
TI-1B4A-3025 30GX25mm
TI-1B4A-3038 30GX38mm

TI-1B4PP-XX Type

Product Code Needle size

TI-1B4PP Type

Product Code Needle size
TI-1B4PP-2160 21G X 60㎜
TI-1B4PP-2260 22G X 60㎜
TI-1B4PP-2360 23G X 60㎜
TI-1B4PP-2460 24G X 60㎜
TI-1B4PP-2180 21G X 80㎜
TI-1B4PP-2280 22G X 80㎜
TI-1B4PP-2380 23G X 80㎜
TI-1B4PP-2480 24G X 80㎜