RF Electrodes RFT Series


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.

  • Available in 2 types: (1) Internally Cooled Type, and (2) Internally Cooled & Perfused Type.
  • In case of Internally Cooled electrodes, circulating cold saline keeps the temperature of the electrode constantly low to prevent carbonization in the adjacent tissue.
  • In case of Internally Cooled & Perfused electrodes, circulating cold saline prevents carbonization in the adjacent tissue of the electrode, while the perfused saline partially released from the electrode allows enlargement of the ablation zone.
  • There is a built-in temperature sensor inside the electrode.
  • Impedance and temperature can be monitored in real time via the generator connected to the electrode.
  • Various exposure tip lengths are available for various lesion sizes.
  • The exposure tip is processed to look more echogenic under ultrasound.
  • The edge between the exposure tip and the insulated part of the electrode is evenly smoothed out for easier insertion and repositioning of the electrode.
  • There are length marks in centimeters on the body of the electrode, which makes it easier for the operator to identify how deep the electrode is inserted.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3223


RFT (N Typ

Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
RFT 0703LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 3mm
RFT 0704LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 4mm
RFT 0705LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 5mm
RFT 0707LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 7mm
RFT 0710LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 10mm
RFT 0715LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 15mm
RFT 0720LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 20mm
RFT 1003LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 3mm
RFT 1004LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 4mm
RFT 1005LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 5mm
RFT 1007LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 7mm
RFT 1010LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 10mm
RFT 1015LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 15mm
RFT 1020LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 20mm
RFT 0705HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 5mm
RFT 0707HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 7mm
RFT 0710HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 10mm
RFT 0715HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 15mm
RFT 0720HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 20mm
RFT 1005HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 5mm
RFT 1007HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 7mm
RFT 1010HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 10mm
RFT 1015HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 15mm
RFT 0703N Ø1.2mm 70mm 3mm
RFT 0704N Ø1.2mm 70mm 4mm
RFT 0705N Ø1.2mm 70mm 5mm
RFT 0707N Ø1.2mm 70mm 7mm
RFT 0710N Ø1.2mm 70mm 10mm
RFT 0715N Ø1.2mm 70mm 15mm
RFT 0720N Ø1.2mm 70mm 20mm
RFT 1003N Ø1.2mm 100mm 3mm
RFT 1004N Ø1.2mm 100mm 4mm
RFT 1005N Ø1.2mm 100mm 5mm
RFT 1007N Ø1.2mm 100mm 7mm
RFT 1010N Ø1.2mm 100mm 10mm
RFT 1015N Ø1.2mm 100mm 15mm
RFT 1020N Ø1.2mm 100mm 20mm
RFT 0705HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 5mm
RFT 0707HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 7mm
RFT 0710HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 10mm
RFT 0715HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 15mm
RFT 1005HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 5mm
RFT 1007HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 7mm
RFT 1010HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 10mm
RFT 1015HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 15mm
RFT 1020HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 20mm

RFT (P Type)

Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
RFTP 0703N Ø1.2mm 70mm 3mm
RFTP 0704N Ø1.2mm 70mm 4mm
RFTP 0705N Ø1.2mm 70mm 5mm
RFTP 0707N Ø1.2mm 70mm 7mm
RFTP 0710N Ø1.2mm 70mm 10mm
RFTP 0715N Ø1.2mm 70mm 15mm
RFTP 0720N Ø1.2mm 70mm 20mm
RFTP 1003N Ø1.2mm 100mm 3mm
RFTP 1004N Ø1.2mm 100mm 4mm
RFTP 1005N Ø1.2mm 100mm 5mm
RFTP 1007N Ø1.2mm 100mm 7mm
RFTP 1010N Ø1.2mm 100mm 10mm
RFTP 1015N Ø1.2mm 100mm 15mm
RFTP 1020N Ø1.2mm 100mm 20mm
RFTP 0703HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 3mm
RFTP 0705HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 5mm
RFTP 0707HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 7mm
RFTP 0710HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 10mm
RFTP 0715HN Ø1.2mm 70mm 15mm
RFTP 1005HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 5mm
RFTP 1007HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 7mm
RFTP 1010HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 10mm
RFTP 1015HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 15mm
RFTP 1020HN Ø1.2mm 100mm 20mm
RFTP 0703LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 3mm
RFTP 0704LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 4mm
RFTP 0705LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 5mm
RFTP 0707LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 7mm
RFTP 0710LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 10mm
RFTP 0715LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 15mm
RFTP 0720LN Ø1.0mm 70mm 20mm
RFTP 1003LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 3mm
RFTP 1004LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 4mm
RFTP 1005LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 5mm
RFTP 1007LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 7mm
RFTP 1010LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 10mm
RFTP 1015LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 15mm
RFTP 1020LN Ø1.0mm 100mm 20mm
RFTP 0703HL Ø1.0mm 70mm 3mm
RFTP 0705HL Ø1.0mm 70mm 5mm
RFTP 0705HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 5mm
RFTP 0707HL Ø1.0mm 70mm 7mm
RFTP 0710HL Ø1.0mm 70mm 10mm
RFTP 0715HL Ø1.0mm 70mm 15mm
RFTP 0707HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 7mm
RFTP 0710HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 10mm
RFTP 0715HLN Ø1.0mm 70mm 15mm
RFTP 1003HL Ø1.0mm 100mm 3mm
RFTP 1005HL Ø1.0mm 100mm 5mm
RFTP 1005HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 5mm
RFTP 1007HL Ø1.0mm 100mm 7mm
RFTP 1010HL Ø1.0mm 100mm 10mm
RFTP 1015HL Ø1.0mm 100mm 15mm
RFTP 1007HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 7mm
RFTP 1010HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 10mm
RFTP 1015HLN Ø1.0mm 100mm 15mm